Welcome to the Bibliophile express, all aboard! where this journey will end no one knows for sure.

As it says in my profile I am a third year Masters student studying information studies or old school definition Librarian (or archivist have not decided) the purpose of this blog is basically to get me writing again. I have always loved writing but am a bit rusty after having five years off study. (high-level study anyway).

I am also obsessed with video blogs at the moment but not feeling that comfortable on the screen this type of blog I think would be better.

Anyway, before I go any further I  probably should define what a bibliophile is.

A Bibliophile is a person who collects or has a great love of books. 

When I thought of the name of this blog I could not get the image of the Hogwarts express out of my mind,   Bibliophile express is like the Hogwarts express as its taking me and possibly you on the journey to my new career and life as an information professional.  There will be tests, trials and tribulations but like my two favourite literary heroines Anne Shirley and Hermione Granger I too will find innovative ways to overcome these bumps in the road.

All aboard!!!!!