NLS8- A Newbie’s experience – Part two

After an enjoyable night at the movies watching Katharine Hepburn grapple with the uses of 1950’s computer technology in “Desk Set”.  I woke up too the last day of  NLS8.

The first keynote speaker was R. David Lankes, his address “Eulogy for the information age: the future is impact, not access.” Was so inspiring,  I am even using the idea “Community is our true collection” as the basis for a university essay.  Libraries are no longer just warehouses for books but they are community hubs influenced by the community they are situated in. As you saw from earlier posts my first library work experience situated me in a library that personified the idea that libraries are community hubs. The classes and activities ran by this library not only encouraged members of the community to be engaged with the library but also reflected the needs of the community. The other interesting point R. David made was what do we call our client base at the library is it patrons (from a period of subscription libraries and patronage from rich benefactors) customers (customer service /capitalist model) or user and do we like to be used???? As user experience is the desired model in Library design and interaction at this point in time  I think I will look into this model a bit more and see where librarians can situate themselves in this model.

The rest of the day had a number of interesting workshops E-resourcing and negotiating skills (I think I chose the wrong one here thought it was going to be about negotiating a contract and it wasn’t) Guerrilla # Research How to DIY Research and Oral History Projects make it simple. Really love the last workshop it gave me ideas on a project I want to do in the future to “give back history” to a community I worked with.

The final keynote address of the conference was Jane Caro, She was awesome. The main things I took from her address were,  you are enough, you aren’t perfect but that is ok and don’t let people tell you that you are too much or too emotional as they don’t have the right.

Thank you, Jane, have been told that all my life and finally being myself, my imperfect flawed self is truely enough.

Finally reflections on NLS8, I am really glad I went, it was amazing to be surrounded by people who are passionate about libraries and information as I am. I feel like I have found my people trust me it’s been a long time coming.  I learnt so much, made new contacts and friends and just had an amazing time.  Will be back for NLS9 in 2019 when I hope to have almost finished my degree.

Big week ahead finishing an essay and starting uni again next week (Semester two).




1 thought on “NLS8- A Newbie’s experience – Part two”

  1. Well done you! I wanted to blog all weekend but got distracted by other stuff. This weekend I will make good on my promise to myself. At least I recorded all my PD in my PD Tracking Tool -although I understand now that we don’t have to do that from the 1 July. Oh well.

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